web and technical services focusing on the Client eXperience

CXElegance is...

... just one guy, really

Jesse "CXElegance" is an alter ego derived from a burst of inspiration in 2011.

Break it down: CX

You, the Client, are entitled to a great eXperience in your business interactions.

Your expectations, in terms of communication, deliverables and more, shall be met or exceeded... but is this enough?

Let's make our experience together - our interactions, our processes - enjoyable, desirable, and memorable.

Break it down: Elegance

In mathematics, we get excited when a solution reveals beauty through it's simplicity, efficiency, and adaptability; when it surprises us; when it offers great insight. We strive for elegance always.

CXElegance is creative

Tailored solutions are not found on the Internet; they are dreamed of, desired, planned, designed...

...and then the Internet shows us many methods of actualizing our dreams.

We love to be creative, we love it when our creations are loved by others.

CXElegance is fun

Is it okay to have fun in business? Yes! Let's aim for quality in our lives, and good healthy energy - at home, at play, at work.

Let's enjoy the experience!

CXElegance is reliable

You can count on CXElegance to be honest, forthcoming, and specific about what is possible and what is expected.

CXElegance is proactive

If it's foreseeable, then let's address it now!

If it's a concern, then let's discuss and consider it.

Surely there's a way we can make things better? Soon? Now?

CXElegance is experienced

Jesse's first application developer role was in 2001, while he was still in university – he graduated with a B.Sc. majoring in mathematics and computer science.

He has worked for 10 years as an application developer and has been an I.T. professional for nearly 20 years.


Do you need a full-stack developer for app development?

CXElegance has a long history of work, primarily with PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, and mostly in Linux environments.

Do you need a skilled hand in developing a module for your project?

CXElegance is well accustomed to receiving a specification and creating a rapid prototype to either prove a concept or to further engage in requirements analysis.

Do you want to find your data quickly?

CXElegance adopted and adapted organizational methods that SNC-Lavalin, Inc. used in its massive, international engineering projects.

Do you want painless, reliable backups?

CXElegance can help individuals and small organizations set up a local backup system, with or without cloud redundancy, with little infrastructure.

What about privacy, security and data encryption?

CXElegance can help individuals and small organizations form habits that are aligned with best practices for today's Internet.

How about a sharp eye looking over your app or site's copy?

CXElegance is an English grammar wiz and can help keep your app looking professional; plus he can work with your CMS or dig straight into your HTML.

Do you want to learn to code?

Whether it's to build a website, develop a cross-platform app, create some useful scripts, or learn the fundamental principles of software engineering, CXElegance can help.


"...takes the time to understand what you want to achieve..."

Mark Bennett, salvationarmy.org.nz

[CXElegance] is excellent at listening to requirements and turning them into functional models that meet your objectives. He takes the time to understand what you want to achieve before looking at the processes that are needed. Jesse thinks creatively and is not bound by conventional methods or approaches meaning you get brilliantly functional and beautiful results.

"[a] professional who makes his clients a top priority."

Marzio Manderioli, cartoonsbymarzio.com

It is my pleasure to recommend [CXElegance] to your firm or business. When I hired Jesse to build a web site for my cartooning business I was concerned that the geographical distance between us might lead to delays and frustrations. I need not have feared as Jesse's work was nothing short of outstanding. Jesse has both a theoretical and practical knowledge of computers and programming. He is also a skilled communicator and creative troubleshooter. If you hire Jesse you will see that he is an enthusiastic professional who makes his clients a top priority. I recommend him to you without reservation.

"I look forward to working with him again..."

Aaron Burgess, aaronburgess.com

[CXElegance] was professional, proactive and easy to work with during the development and construction of my photography blog, [URL no longer active]. His flexibility during the design phase and dedication made the whole process an enjoyable experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending Jesse for Web based work and I look forward to working with him again on future Web projects.


"...makes searching for old data much faster..."

Ana Sanz

For many years I had been making several redundant backup copies; I had duplicated data unnecessarily in my backups and I needed a method to organize things better. [CXElegance] showed me a system that allows me to better organize myself and my data, gradually at my own pace. Next time I backup, it will be smaller and faster; I won't have duplicated data in my backups because of his archiving strategy. Jesse's method makes searching for old data much faster, and I have saved many gigabytes on my hard disks.

Great! Cheers Jesse!